Smart Doorbell with external camera

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I am looking for a smart doorbell which can send me push notifications (with persons face) when someone’s at the door.

The problem is, that I have a normal doorbell at my fence which is about 5m away from the actual door and at waist level (1m). This means that a Ring Smart Doorbell for example, wouldn’t work. I need something like a relay (connected to my doorbell push button), which triggers an external camera and then sends a signal to home assistant.

Does someone know a good solution for my problem?

Thank you!!!

How about DIY?

Any camera you want (that works with HA). E.g. Reolink RLC-420 5 Mpixel
A Wemos D1 mini ESP board.

Hook the D1 mini up to the existing doorbell via a relay or optocoupler. Write a very simple YAML file and upload it to the D1.

HA senses the doorbell press and creates a snapshot and sends it to you via your preferred notification method.