Smart electric fireplace

Anyone using a smart (wifi / zwave / zigbee) electric fireplace where there is an existing integration developed already?

If so what products are out there?

I’ve seen these “sideline” wifi fireplaces which look reasonable but can’t find an integration.

Also see there is an “intellifire” integration available but that looks too be a wifi add on module for controlling the igniter I assume on a gas fireplace.

Seeing if there is already a product that has easy integration into HA before I’ve start going down the ESP8266 route. Preference for integration so i I can get low,medium,high heat settings and similar control rather than just on or off.

Oh and preferably local support, not a big fan of cloud based products :slight_smile:


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I am also looking at getting an Electric Fireplace that I can control via HomeAssistant (or MQTT). Did you ever get one / have any luck implementing it?