Smart Fan with Location tracking via Aqara FP2

I was thinking about an automation that would be awesome with the FP2 and Smart Fans such as Mi smart standing fans. Each time I use my fan, and depending where I am sitting and how many people are sitting around, I have to take out my phone and set up the Fan orientation, oscillation … in order to reach everyone, or to reach only me when I am alone, at my specific location on the couch.

So having installed an Aqara FP2, I started looking for ways to make the fan detect my exact location, or locations if other people are sitting around, and adapt its position, direction and oscillation, to reach everyone or the sole person sitting on the couch (with a fixed position in that situation).

During my research I came across this article of someone who have made it possible but on jeedom :slight_smile:

What do you guys think of this automation ? is there any chance a blueprint is made for this ? Any help how could such an automation be achieved ?