Smart Heatpumps HA is finally out!

I’m glad to announce that Smart Heatpumps HA, my set of automation to exploit as much solar power as i can to heat my house via HVAC, is finally out on GitHub.
You can find it here: Smart Heatpumps HA - GitHub Page.
Any hint or suggestion is really appreciated, i hope it will help many in the same situation as mine!

I’ve had a look what is this about and I failed on the prerequisites. Especially what is the filtered meter reading sensor. What reading? How is it filtered?

You are right, i immediately changed the github page to make it (i hope) clearer.
You will need a meter reading sensor (like Shelly EM or Shelly 1PM etc) to read your grid meter readings: the entire automation is based on this, monitoring how much power you are effectively buying.
As you may have some peaks of consumption, for example a pump starting or something like that, i prefer to filter that reading so that i still have a “live” reading but i can avoid unnecessary power off and stops.
Just for example, here’s how i set my sensor:

- platform: filter
  name: "Lettura Contatore Filtrata"
  entity_id: sensor.shelly_em_channel_1_power
    - filter: lowpass

Where sensor.shelly_em_channel_1_power is my sensor reading power meter line

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