Smart home alarm system Can anyone help

Hi all, I have been playing with home assistant for a while and wish to take it further.

However I also have google homes

Is there anyone who can point me in the direction of a smart alarm that will intergrate with google home and remote apps for android and iphone.

I have searched and searched for answerrs on the web.

Obviously I would want it to be able to be added to home assitant also butnot exclusively as I am very new to that side of things.

PLEASE let me know as the wife is giveing me grief for us not having an alarm.

Thanks in advance

What do you mean when you say you want it to integrate with Google Home?

You won’t find a ready-made solution but HA is a great tool for building your own. Take a look at the manial_alarm_control_panel component, or build your own automation logic.

Some cheap motion and entry sensors can do a great job notifying you of people coming in and out. Combine with presence tracking and you can even automate that so you don’t need to set and unset notifications regularly. You can easily add Google audio outputs to Google Home as well.

I prefer doing this all myself through notifications and automations. The best alarm for me s one I don’t have to remember to set every day.

If you prefer packaged solutions look at SimpliSade. It does not integrate as cleanly with HA due to being a closed system, which is ideal for security, but you can at least arm and disarm it from your HA. But only if you are on the $25/month monitoring plan. We scrapped it and sold ours.