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I’m new in this forum and I just started to play with smart home devices.

Actually I have one Xiaomi Aqara wall switch and Gateway and one sonoff switch.
I use sonoff with ewelink and it’s work perfectly also he can connect with google home so I’m very happy with that.

As for Aqara wall switch I use Me Home app but I have some issues with that.
Xiaomi response time is bit longer, so wen I press to turn on/off the light sometimes I need to wait 2-3 seconds.

Now I have plane to buy raspberry pi 3 and install Home Assistant but I have a lot of question on my mind.

So if somebody can oriented me it will be very helpfull.

  1. If I install HASS IO can I connect all my smart switches to work together (sonoff & xiaomi)?
  2. Can I connect aqara wall switch to HASS IO directly or I need to use with xiaomi gateway?
  3. Dose HASS IO has mobile app that I can turn on/off lights from everywhere?

this is “normal”. The Aqara hub needs to wait to see if you’re doing a single click or multiple clicks.

yes. I’m not familiar with ewelink on sonoff, but it that doesn’t work you can always install tasmota and connect to the sonoff via MQTT

you need a gateway, a zigbee usb stick like conbee, or a zigbee pi hat, see here for more info

Only an iOS app for now, but I understand an Android app is in the works

The frontend still works on Android as a Progressive Web App (PWA) as well, which puts an icon on the home screen, runs in its own window, and looks and feels much like a native app. The major improvements the actual Android app will introduce are being able to use the phone as a device tracker directly through the app, and notifications.

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Thank you lolouk44
I have issue with response time only when I switch the lights from Mi Home app. So the issue it’s not when I click on a wall switch. Is it possible to be from server issue? This is why I want to use HASS IO without xiaomi gateway.

I understand that there is no android app for now. Can I connect with google home app and use from there to turn on/off lights ?

Whilst there is no official Android app at the moment, there are a couple of community driven ones.

If you use the Xiaomi gateway talking directly to Home Assistant / HassIO and change the Sonoff’s to either Tasmota or ESPhome so they too communicate directly with HA, then the response time will be far better. The problem you currently have is because both devices are being controlled via their respective cloud servers. That means that currently your phone is sending a command to the Xiaomi cloud server, it comes back, sends something to the Sonoff cloud (ewelink) then back to your device. HA would take all of the cloud rubbish out of the loop.

Thank you… Ariela app looks really good. I will test immediately after I setup my RPI + HASIO