Smart Hub Question

I’m confused. I have a Phillips Hue bulb and hub. Now I’m considering getting a Kwikset 916 lock. However, I’ve read that the lock requires a smart hub, such as a Wink or SmartThings. So do I need that in addition to my Hue hub? Can I consolidate and only use one hub for everything?

Thanks for any help.

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While the Phillips Hue bridge technically talks Zigbee. However, you cannot use it for anything other than Hue Light bulbs and accessories.

For your locks, you need to have a way to communicate via Z-Wave or Zigbee. I use prefer Z-Wave and used Aeotec Z-Wave Stick plugged into my Raspberry Pi that runs home assistant

Wink and Smartthings hubs are designed to be centralize bridges to Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth(LE), etc. I don’t use any of them. I’d rather make my HA my bridge.

Hope that helps