Smart Irrigation System: Integration of Special Irrigation/Automation Board in Home Assistant (Analog Sensors etc.)


a year ago I came across Hydrosys4 website. The guy behind this project has put a lot of effort into writing his own software to automate his garden/greenhouse. Moreover, he came up with specially designed components that reduce the wiring for common use cases (integration of relais boards, analog moisture sensors, humidity sensors etc.).
A component that I use is called Automation/Irrigation Hat - V10. He sells them on Tindie.

The board can be mounted directly on the Pi4 and features the parts listed below, which I find extremely useful. With Home Assistant I managed to integrate two 8xRelays with the board as well as binary sensors. However, I am now struggling to get the analog readings into HA.

Can anyone think of a simple code / configuration for config.yaml to get the analog readings into HA?
His documentation is very transparent but I am not code-savvy enough. Any help would be nice!

Parts featured by the board:

  • Relay1 connectors: to connect the 4xRelays board OR the 8xRelays board
  • Relay2 connectors: to connect the 4xRelays board OR the 8xRelays board
  • 3x I2C connectors: can be used to connect the Light sensor, atmospheric pressure sensor
  • 5x GPIO connectors: can be used to connect sensors. Note: 3 of this GPIO are shared with Relay2, if relay2 is connected 3 GPIO can’t be used for sensor.
  • 1x USB-C connector: to connect the 5v power supply
  • 6x Analog inputs: 5 inputs to connect analog sensors (voltage range 0 to 5v) and 1 input (voltage range 0 to 15v) which can be used to monitor battery status in case of solar powered systems.
  • 1x Green led light for power supply indication

Board in use:

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I haven’t the faintest idea, but this is interesting so I’d love to listen in on the discussion.

I see that the release: Hydrosys4-v3.40c

…which adds “support for the Home Assistant integration”

i don’t know any more at this time, but found this page while searching for more info!

i’ve found this Blog post: Home Assistant – MQTT | Hydrosys4