Smart Led Downlight

This led light working on a CB2L what is the BK7231N chip.

Flashing this with OpenBeken WriterV1.6.31
First read the flash.

Then program the new bin file.

After flashing and solder the chip back in the device and conected to the power, you can find the device back in your wifi .

Make the connection and go to

Then open the config device and configurated like this.


After testing around go to

Go to Home assistant Discovery

Copy and paste this file after in your config.yaml from (Home Assistant).
Go to MQTT and fill in the Host, User and password.
After go to Wifi and fill in your SSID and password.

The configuration is ready and go now to Home Assistant.
Open your config.yaml and paste the file there.
Save it and re start home assistant.
Now you find in mqtt the device back.

That’s all. Done
Hope you enjoy it.

Where did you find the firmware to go with it? I got that same chip, already DL the OpenBeken Writer, but I have no idea where to find the bin files

There’s esphome port if you prefer that one