Smart LED Tube Light

I have a few 4’ Tube light fixtures in closets and the garage in my home. I have them replaced with LED tubes which are fine.
I am looking for a tube that the colors can be changed through HA automations.
Though I have searched the forums all I tend to find is a “screw in” style bulb.
Can any one make a suggestion or provide a link to one.
Thank you.

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Did you ever find anything for this?

No. I built some with an led stip, in one of the acrylic/platic tubes. Put all the electronics in the end of the tube (D1 mini with wled). Works fine.

Hard wired a 5v usb cord to a buck converter powered from the fixture.

Hope that this helps


Hi, is there a tutorial on how you build your diy rgb tube light?
(eg recommended led per meter, properly removing tube ends, fixing D1 with buck converter inside the tube…)
As to your original question, here’s a link

I bought 4’ plastic Fluorescent Tube Light covers.
I took one and cut them into strips that were the width of two led strips and stuck them on.
I then bought some velum paper and the office supply store and placed them inside the tube.
I then put the led strip inside the tube and hot gloued the top and bottom
3d printed end caps. Wired the d1 mini (with WLED) and the worked great.

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Did you need to solder the steel pins as well since the end caps are 3d printed

Can i know which buck converter did you use with the d1 mini? I’ve been looking at youtube and most of them were using external power supply adapter. Do i need those?

I am sorry for the confusion. I can’t take any pics because I just packed them all up for the year yesterday.

Here is the product that I used.

I used 5v led strips 60/m and did not use a buck converter. I just powered the d1 with a 5v meanwell power supply. Ran power to a terminal block and was able to distribute power from there.
Like this

Also on the caps I made one end was closed and the other had a hole so that I could run my wires through.

Hope that this explains it better.

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Also on the tube like I said I cut it into strips with a sharp knife making 20 to 25 mm strips.
It looked like a very thin “U” shape.

Thanks for clarifying

Which buck converter should I get if I need to power the d1 & 5v led strips (ws2811b) directly from the T8 casing? Is it doable

Sorry I do not know.
I have never used a buck converter.