Smart Life Motion Sensor

I purchased this Wifi Motion Sensor that uses the (Tuya) Smart Life app:

Amazon Motion Sensor

I currently use it to trigger IFTTT which then uses Webhooks to send an http record command to my camera system (Blue Iris). However I hate the delay that comes with using IFTTT. I’d love to have a sensor for each one of my cameras.

On an IFTTT subreddit, I was advised that Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi would be able to trigger on motion detected by this Smart Life motion sensor. Is that true? After delving into Home Assistant videos and docs, I see that it could help me in a lot of areas.

If someone could just tell me whether Smart Life (Tuya) devices can be monitored by Home Assistant, I will go ahead and grab a Raspberry Pi and get started learning…

A Tuya internal component was added recently but currently only cotrols bulbs, switches, covers and plugs. The developer stated that support for other devices is coming, but there’s no release date as of yet

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@PlayedIn: I am playing around with the same scenario, but with another device. Although I find my motion sensor in the smart life app (and it works there) and corresponding ifttt channel, it does not trigger my applet in ifttt. Which trigger are you using? “when camera notices motion” or maybe something else?

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I have the same issue. Did you find the solution ?

I contacted the developers - the functionality in ifttt is not yet implemented/ broken. If this may important to you, write them hoping it will change their priorities… rgds

(there is a message-feature in the app - the guys are quite responsive)

I just wrote a simple applet in IFTTT that turns on a SmartLife (Tuya) outlet when a “Person is Detected” trigger from a SmartLife motion sensor is received. The response time is unacceptably slow. It takes over 30 seconds from the trigger to the action.

is there any development on the motion sensors yet?