Smart life / Tuya water leak detection sensor

Hi guys, Whilst being quite new to home assistant I already did many integrations (somfy curtains, wunderground weather station…). I recently tried to integrate my Smart Life (=Tuya) equipments, by simply inserting and filling up a tuya: section in my configuration.yaml, then by invoking the pull_devices service to discover my equipments.

Plugs are discovered, but not water leak detection sensor (look for water alarm tuya on ali - it’s sold for less than 8€).

Did anyone already configure this sensor ? Something specific to develop / adapt here? May I help if I can?

The list at the top of the page here shows currently supported devices. Sensors are not supported.

If you wish to expand the integration to include sensors the current Tuya integration source can be found here:

hey there i have one to this one:
i hope someone could do something for us?
my device could use IFTTT to

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I think there was there a solution for “smart” automation from tuya app to be able to show up in the home assistant.
I plan to try that out and let u know if it works, and if u try it out, let us know the result.


ok it would be great if it still works :slight_smile:

I am interested also

Did you get that one to work with HA?

Hi, any success?

Have only integrated indirectly…ie turned off a tuya plug and used that change to send an HA email notify and a Alexa Media Player audible alert. One plug kills a spin cycle on a washer another turns off my Harmony Hub. Docs suggest contacting Tuya Support to request a sensor mod to HA code.

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I see that the “smart” automations from Tuya/SmartLife shows on HA as scenes, but I have no clue how to use these - just installed HA and trying to get to know it.

Darn, I just found some dirt cheap Merkury water leak sensors. I wish there was an integration.