Smart Life Wifi Smart Switch howto flash?


i have bought some wifi smart switches 2 of them had a normal ESP in it but 3 are different.

there is “NF101-a-SR V1.1” written on the PCB, on the Wifi board “T101_v1.1 2018-5-25” and on the Wifi IC “RMC W302 …”

The Wifi PCB is connected with 10 Pins to the main PCB.

Can anybody help me to get the right pinout?

Do you have pics of the PCB’s?

Also have you checked through the list on the Tasmota Wiki to see if it matches something else?

That’s not ESP Based it’s a Realtek Chipset

on the Wifi PCB are testpoints for:

A19, A22, A29,A30

This is printed on the solder Side to the main PCB

 VCC  |  12
 GND  |  10 
 A8   |  15
 A23  |  AD0
 A14  |  N

shit then the switches will go in the trash can

If you bought them off Amazon or eBay can’t you send them back?

They look like cheap Sonoff clones, there isn’t even any separation between the power tracks.

really cheap ones.
only 2€ each from wish

As they are using Smart Life you should be able to control them through IFTTT.

IFTTT isn’t the quickest to respond at times with Smart Life / Tuya but should be ok for simple stuff like Christmas lights to come on at 5pm etc. Timing doesn’t need to be spot on.

found pinout there:
in bottom side with high voltage wire positioned to the top of side:
(pratically rounding last posted image by 180°)

I’ve flashed an esp8266-1 module, and unsoldered realtek modue, soldered some wires corresponding to the pinout, flashed this one with tasmota firmware and now I can use it without external cloud!