Smart lights / bulbs and switches

Long time ago I replaced some of my light bulbs with smart ones, I chose Lifx because they are bright and have nice colors. After a while I realized correct way to use them is to keep them powered on all the time and use smart switch to turn them on and off by software command. Again, that is some time ago, I chose Flic buttons and connected set up automations to control the bulbs via Home Assistant. I just sticked the battery powered buttons next to the original wall switches which are powered on all the time.

Now I started considering moving to a nicer solution. Aqara Wall Switch would be fine I guess. In decoupled mode, the light bulb would be on all the time and the light switch would send software command to turn the bulbs on and off. I would not have to care about changing battery in the switches and hopefully the wireless comunication would be more stable. Do I understand correctly this is exactly what the Aqara Wall Switch would give me?

I also looked at Aqara Switch Module, which is put behind the original wall switch instead of replacing it. This seems nice because I could choose any traditional light switch design and combine it with the Aqara Switch Module. But I guess the decoupled thing and always powered smart bulb is not what the Aqara Switch module is meant to do, right?