Smart lock for EU doors


I’m looking for a smart lock, that I would built into my new house. I want something that would integrate in HA perfectly.

What functionality I expect? For example I would like to get a warning, if everyone leaves the house and my door is unlocked. When I’m home, I want to keep the door unlocked during the day, but I would like to automatically lock it every day at 10PM. And of course I would like to automatically unlock the door, when I return home.

I currently use Danalock V3 in my flat, I’m very dissapointed with the firmware, Android app and battery price. So this is not an option for me. What is left? Probably there is nothing else that would integrate using Zigbee2MQTT. I saw integration for Nuki Smart Lock. What is your experience with this lock? Are there any other locks I should consider?

Thanks a lot for any advice. I don’t want to spend quite a lot of money for something, that won’t work.

I have NUKI on our locks, also had Danalock in the past. The Nuki works fine. If you are doing a new build, then get a power output put on the hinge side of the door, get the power pack and then run a cable to keep it powered.

I se a third party integration, not the native one, which still goes in through the Gateway. With Bluetooth getting a lot of attention in HA, I expect being able to skip the gateway will be possible soon (if not already, I am not monitoring it).

With regards to everything else, that is just down to HA configuration. It is available in the Nuki app, but I work on the basis of the device doing its job (lock and unlock) and I control the how.
Personally I don’t use any automatic locking capability, but I do have notifications going on. My fear is that I will step out to the bins or something when home alone, without my phone and get locked out.

Similarly for auto unlocking, I find it isn’t reliable enough, so I have NFC tags near each door which I can scan with my phone. My four year old can unlock my phone and scan the tag to get it to unlock that way.

Thanks for the answer. This is exactly how I plan to do it. Let Nuki do it’s job: locking and unlocking the door. And then create all the automation in HA.

I use a tedee lock.
From hardware perspective it’s (in my opinion) superior to the Nuki, but software is not as good. It currently relies on the cloud but there will be a Thread version released soon.

I also use Tedee, More elegant than the Nuki or Dana, rechargeable batteries and still able to open using a key if necessary are big pluses. A big negative as stated is that it uses the Cloud, they are also rather expensive.

So Tedee uses a cloud API to work, does Nuki can work locally like Shelly relays?

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