Smart Lock Owners, How Do You Configure Them inside HA?

I’ve yet to find definitive information on how to do things like set codes, set up emails on successful/failed entry, set one-time codes, etc. I have a Schlage Connect, and can lock/unlock through HA, but not configure anything.

If I start up OZWCP instead, I can change things like vacation mode, alarm types/sensitivity, etc, but the list of codes there is in hexadecimal (0xAA format), not decimal, and there doesn’t seem to be an easily visible method of automating codes. Is any of this possible through HA or OZWCP? I’d like to avoid getting a second hub for a single Z wave device if possible, but I have heard good things about Wink for this case from others here.

Raspberry Pi 3B/Aeotec Z stick Gen5 if it matters.


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Yeah, that’s how I do it; through my Wink hub. I hear you about adding one more hub device though.

I started on Wink, so for me it wasn’t that big a deal when I added the Hue hub to it. Of course now I have a ZWave stick too and it really hasn’t made life any more difficult - just opened me up to opportunities.