Smart lock suggestion

Hello, home assistant community! I apologize if this question has been asked previously, but I’m curious about purchasing an Aqara A100 smart lock. I’ve checked forum threads, and it seems it doesn’t currently integrate with Home Assistant (HA). However, I’m wondering if there have been recent changes or if anyone has successfully integrated it. If not, I’m willing to consider purchasing one of their M2 hubs or another compatible hub to make the lock work with HA. Alternatively, if there’s a similar-looking lock that works with HA through Zigbee, Wi-Fi, or a cloud server, I’d be interested in exploring those options.

In my home I use a loqed smart lock, its compatible with HA and can be controlled.

The only thing I’m missing is the real-time status update from the lock.

I wanted to create an automation that activate or de-activate my alarm system when the lock is being used. But I cannot get a real-time status update from it I cannot trigger the automation.