Smart Lock that can be fitted to the inside of a door?

Hi, for various legal reasons mostly to do with the exterior aesthetics of the building I live in and not being allowed to alter it in any way, I am in the market for a smart lock that can be fitted to the inside of a door, but that I can still use like any other smart lock to give myself and others access when this is required. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations of which locks could be the most useful? Thanks.

Magnetic door locks

I had mine for more than a year now - never let me down.

Works great with HA
Very easy to install
Very reliable
Battery Pack (NiMh) last around 6 months
Can be fitted to the inside of the door
If you want to retain the ability to open from outside with the mechanical key, than the cylinder must accept 2 keys at the same time (outside plus inside)

Depends on where you want it.
Is it on your apartments door, or the buildings entrance?
If it’s on your apartment, Nuki mentioned by @Frank_Beetz is one of the most reliable solutions. But check if it works with your lock first!
If it’s on the entrance door of the building, Nuki or similar options are not viable because they could be easily stolen. What I did was to install an ESP with a relay connected to the “door open” button of the door phone(or intercom? don’t know how it’s called. They’re the phones on the apartments that you can communicate with the person on the buildings entrance and also open the door). That way it stays in your apartment and noone knows about it

We had a smart lock on the main entrance door of our dormitory, and it worked just fine. It gave everyone with special card access inside the building, and that’s it. I think it’s a good idea for buildings with multiple apartments too. However, I don’t think it’s reliable to install such a lock on the door to your apartment because it can be easily picked up or hacked.
I use smart locks from only inside. they are installed on several drawers in my room that must stay locked all the time. I don’t want anyone from my family to have access to them. This is when smart locks are really the best because they cannot steal a key from me to open the drawers.