Smart Locks - Zigbee v WIFI V Bluetooth

Hi Team,

Looking for suggestions. What is the best lock type to go for?

There are Zigbee, WIFI & Bluetooth from what I can see.

But what are the pros and cons?
Should it include a finger print scanner.

Thanks in Advance.

Is it an outer door, then you REALLY need to study everything carefully.
A “smart” lock have so many extra attack surfaces than mechanical locks.
You need to be sure its firmware is updated with patches when security risks are discovered.
You need to make you network safe too, since breaking into you network, whether zigbee, wifi or bt, means gaining access to your locks interface too. Wifi is made for routing and WAN capability, so maybe that is an extra risk.
BT can used just outside the door, so that might not be a good solution either.
Zigbee bound to a zigbee network with a gateway. It might be a little be better, but again, if the lock can be forced to accept other networks then…

Also remember that these locks often also provide mechanical functions and if it a standard size lock case, then it might mean mechanical features have been reduced in order to make run for electroical features required. The rest is often a lock that is sub par on the mechanical area and subpar on the electrical area.

Also make contact to your insurance provider, since they might not cover if a smart lock is installed.

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Another thing to consider is failure/default status.

Can you get out if the house is on fire and your phone is in the fire?

If power fails does the house open to all and sundry?

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