Smart Meter Interface (Tasmota) possible with ESPHome?

Hi guys.
I’m actually trying to read my power meter with a d0-read/write-head. basically this is a combination of a infrared transmit and infrared receive led, which communicates with you power meter. The infrared transmit led sends a command to you power meter, wich will answer after that. The answer then is received by the infrared receive led. Since different power meters need different commands with different baud rates, Tasmota has the option to change this. The link to this integration is here:

Since I love ESPHome, I would be happy to be able to do this with ESPHome. Is there any chance to realize this?

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I just found this on GitHub, which is doing half of the way:

I think this is just to receive and process the data from the power meter. But it is not sending the commands (yes, some meters just send their data without the need of a call).
Is there a way to use this within the ESPHome add-on?


I am currently looking for the same solution.
Tasmota can do it already.
Esphome would be even better for me, as I try to avoid mqtt.

There is a pretty good howto guide for tasmota.
Unfortunately only in German.

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I realized this already with tasiota. I didn’t find a way to do it with ESPHome. Im using mqtt with it and had no problems since I’ve done it.