Smart Oil Guage

Was able to get to work by fully restarting HA. I thought i simply could do the quic restart…

I switched to the new Smail Oil Duo, and it appears to be using an ESP chip. I wonder if it’s possible to get ESP Home running on it and feed data directly into HA?

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Howdy all. I have the Smart Oil Duo also, and the multiscrape method I think is working for me. I’m only able to see the gallons, however, I can’t see the other attributes. I did just set it all up, but I’m wondering if I’m missing something or maybe it will just take time to show all the attribute values.

EDIT: Never mind, I’m an idiot. You have to expand the bottom of it to see the attributes.

I will ask another question, however… Is there a way to somehow see ALL the data that the multiscrape has access to? Perhaps gallons used, or per day/hr, etc?

@JSylvia007 Yeah, log into the website and in the developer tools look at the reply.
Then edit the multiscraper code from this post to add the attributes you would like:

You should be able to create this sensor yourself using the history stats integration. I use that with a power monitor on my boiler to track my daily oil use and what’s left in the tank.

This is just an update for anyone with two tanks. First, thanks to @Zalaban for this; it’s working great.

Copy the " Extract required data here" and create a second sensor. Update the it with “1” instead of “0”.

node.status({text:msg.payload.tanks[1].sensor_rt + " gal: " + msg.payload.tanks[1].sensor_gallons});
msg.payload = msg.payload.tanks[1].sensor_gallons;
return msg;

I’m guessing so, but given is free after paying for the device I figured it’s easier to let them do the fun math and scrape it. If they ever charge I will be looking at ESPhome for sure.