Smart Outlet (Z-Wave or Zigbee) - On/Off Reporting and Toggle

Does anyone know of a US-style (110) Outlet that connects through Z-Wave or Zigbee that can report an On/Off status to Home Assistant? I have a couple scenarios where a switch connects to an Outlet. Sometimes it is a single switch, sometimes it is in a 3-way.

If there was a neutral, I could just change the switch. But since my neutral only exists at the outlet, looking for an outlet supported solution.

Ideally I could control the On/Off state in Home Assistant, as well as continue using the existing wall switches.

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The problem is if the power is cut at the switch, the best you’ll get out of HA is an unavailable status, and that often can take a long time to update (usually doesn’t until after a timeout).

There are no-neutral switches available, but generally designed for lights only and may not play nice with some loads. Not sure if they would be the best option for an outlet where anything could be plgged in.

It’s often possible to rewire a little at the outlet/load side and install a Shelly or similar behind the outlet instead of the switch. You end up with very long switch leads from the outlet all the way back to the wall switch.

Just make sure you understand electrical and know what you’re doing, or find someone that does.

Thank you. I guess I was too hopeful there was some tech out there I didn’t know about. Maybe someday.

For the Shelly, it looks like that’s WiFi. I’m willing to wire the outlet, but having a clear understanding of what to wire and how would be beneficial. Zooz has a smart relay, but it says not to hook it to a receptacle. If there is one someone knows about, that would be great

Nothing specific about the Shelly, other than they have UL listed items rated for 15A. I wouldn’t put anything less behind an outlet, and only then if it’s a 15A circuit.

Whether the device is installed in the switch box, or the outlet box, it needs to be rated for the full potential load. Someone else can come along and plug a space heater into an outlet you only intended for a lamp.

As for the wiring, probably best to find someone who already understands, it’s beyond the scope here. If you must, then google about switch loops.

Thanks, I ended up changing the light switches to outlets, putting a smart bulb in the lamp, and adding a tablet to the 3-way setup. Using the dashboard layout it works well as an always powered switch.