Smart Oven

Looking to purchase a new oven. My wife is always paranoid about leaving the stove on, so I’d like something ‘smart’ that one can at least check (preferably modify) the state of remotely.

I use home assistant. Anyone know anything that works well ‘out of the box’? (Pretty sure the shop associates would look at me blankly if I asked them if the smart range plays well with home assistant :wink:)

Ovens should use their own energy circuit. You xoine use a current transformer and monitor the stoves usage, which will determine if it’s on or off.

I use an Iotawatt for energy monitoring purposes.

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That was my original plan, before I’d decided I wanted a new oven anyways, assumed that at least one manufacturer made an ‘out of the box’ solution.

Samsung has a stove for this.

Have you used this? Does it work? The only samsung smart appliances I’ve used so far, suck (dishwasher and laundry), neither maintain their connection to the wifi worth a damn,

I have their fridge, works great. I plan to get the dishwasher, stove, and microwave in the future.