Smart Plug Functionality


I have multiple smart plugs over my home and would like to control them with home assist. How do i make home assist detect my smart plugs?

Type of smart plugs?

@Mats789 exact like this

WiFi Smart Socket Remote Control Timer Outlet Power Plug Phone App AU Plug | eBay

That eBay page says

  • Control your electrical items via your phone whenever and wherever you are. Even when you are not at home, with the free “Smart Life” app

So, you need to see if there’s a “Smart Life” integration for Home Assistant. I don’t personally use it, so I did a search. I found this right away:

That integration says:

The Tuya integration integrates all Powered by Tuya devices you have added to the Tuya Smart and Tuya Smart Life apps.

Again, I don’t use Tuya or Smart Life but this seems like a logical place to start. I see lots of posts here about Tuya devices, so I’m guessing lots of people use them.

or use if you want to stay away from the cloud :wink:
(available in hacs)

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