Smart plug recoomendations (UK)


I’m after a smart plug which I can run in HA.


All I want to do is turn what is plugged in on and off via automation (I don’t care about energy monitoring…etc).

I’m currently setup to use ZHA.

Any recommendations?


If you mean wall sockets, I’ve just bought several of these (1 gang and 2 gang). Very pleased with them - no problems pairing:

Watch out, though. The prices don’t include VAT… :roll_eyes:

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No, I meant just a “plug-in” smart plug, although I’d never thought about a proper zigbee wall socket. That’s an interesting idea. I’ll add that to the list.

I am using the Innr ones and they work fine:

I only have a couple of them, but they’ve been flawless. I also recently purchased a strip: It also appears to work fine, but I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks, and only one plug is used at the moment. (I’m planning on using it for Christmas lights.)

Hope that helps.

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I am using 6 of the following and not had any problems with ZHA:

These have energy monitoring so you may be able get a cheaper equivalent if you do not need this. Delivery is stated as 12 days to the UK.


New branding from TP Link. Cheap, better, work.

I can use a Tapo app to control them. The Tapo plus has schedules, and the app has ‘smart actions’ so I can drive a plug from a Tapo contact sensor.

I have integrated the app into Google, so I can also voice-command them, and use Google routines.

I have integrated into HA (not the smartest but it works) so I can use HA automation.

There is even a ‘button’ on the side you can turn them on and off manually!

Four energy monitoring smart plugs for £31…

The integration works directly, but does need the Tapo App credentials to run. Otherwise, works off the WIFI network…

I have quite a few of the Innr plugs, deployed for a few years now, and can confirm they’re rock solid. Feedback from others are that Innr are well known for “just working”. They’re also really good Zigbee routers - some devices are anything but.

The ClickSmart+ double sockets are great. As a router, they provide a very strong signal to extend your Zigbee mesh (much stronger than the Ajax Online Zignito Zigbee Plug), although the ClickSmart don’t provide power monitoring.

So if you’re comfortable changing out legacy double sockets with the ClickSmart units, your home will soon have full Zigbee coverage!

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Really surprised no one has mentioned Local Bytes.

Preflashed with either Tasmota or Esphome. They work out of the box. I have about 20 of them in the house.

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Me too. I’ve found them excellent. They do energy monitoring if you later decide you want that. You have to add Tasmota and MQTT integrations, though.