Smart plug sensor polling times

Hi, relative newbie , been using HA for a while and love it. I just installed a small invertor that plugs direct into a socket, got a smart plug that monitors voltage,amperage and power, via tuya. succesfully added a card and it displays the data i want.
However, this data updates, from what i can gather, every 30 mins. On the tuya app, its approx every 10 seconds. I have this linked via tuyalocal not cloud.

How do ichange the polling times to (if possible) 10 seconds.
----- I have checked the config yaml and this is empty as ive used the UI to add all my cards and never touched any yaml coding on any device.

HA is running on a vm on windows 10
Home Assistant 2022.11.3
Supervisor 2022.10.2
Operating System 9.3
Frontend 20221108.0 - latest

thanks in advance

Normally HA updates below one minute (tbh I donot know how fast). When I switch on a device connected to my tuya plugs, I see an almost immediate change in HA too.
Can you do the same but check the entity itself and not the card (Developer Tools > States)

when i switch them on or off its instant, but the electric used element is very slow

Certain devices update slowly I now learned the hard way. I acquired a Netatmo weather station but it only updates every 5 minutes, I first thought this was slow but in the end…it is more than sufficient. Which does not mean this applies to all of course.
What integration are you using for this inverter? Possibly you need to push your request to that integration