Smart Plug suggestions? (Teckin SP10 will not flash to Tasmota)

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I’ve been using Tasmota on some Teckin lights for the past few months and everything has been working perfectly so I decided to pick up some Teckin SP10 plugs to flash as well and I’m sad to see that these models no longer use a Tasmota compatible chip.

I would still like to replace the Belkin Wemo plugs that I have but I would like to use something with an opensource firmware. Anyone have suggestions on a plug I can order? I managed to get 4 Teckin for $35 Canadian so something in that range would be AMAZING! :slight_smile:

On a related note, don’t buy the SP10 for Tasmota. It’s a crap shoot as to whether or not you get a model that will flash (especially newer plugs).

I’m also looking for esphome/tasmota-compatible smart plugs. I’m using a few sonoff-pow’s now but looking for something smaller.

Anyone that uses esphome with smaller plugs? I’m looking for EU plugs.

I’m happy with the neo coolcam 16A. Using tuya-convert to flash them, are small and have power monitoring.

I just bought some SP10’s not knowing they wouldn’t work. I tried every way to use tuya-convert on them without luck. I assume they are no longer using the ESP8266 chips?

Two possibilities :
1/ they no longer use ESP8266 chips
2/ they already have the latest tuya firmware, in which case tuya-convert again does not work.

Hard to tell without opening one.

I’m my case it wasn’t using an esp.

Bad thing, tuya is using less and less esp chips.

I just got a couple of Teckin SP10’s from Amazon and can confirm that they can’t be flashed (but they can be returned :smile: ).

Does anyone have any suggestion for a US plug that can be flashed with Tasmota?

Managed to order the gosund plugs and they worked though I had to try to flash each one twice before Tuya convert would “see” the plug.

I picked up a set of these BN-LINK ( and they flashed easily (returned my Teckin SP10’s). They’re obviously much bigger, but don’t block the second outlet. When you use the right Tasmota template, you can also see power usage. Pretty cool!!!