Smart plug to monitor major appliances like washingmachine

While my washingmachine and dishwasher are ‘smart’ and in home assistant they do not monitor power usage. For regular appliances I use smartplugs from aqara to monitor and turn them on and off and for lights and some other devices the HACS inregration powercalc to calculate it.

My question, for the bigger appliances like a washingmachine and dishwasher, can they be monitored by simply plugs or do they use to much power for that to be save? I am a total idiot when it comes to such things so thought I would ask here.
Also my dishwasher would need a rarher ‘flat’ plug to fit.

Maybe also include informations like what voltage your big appliances are using and what the maximum amperage is. Also the type of the plug might be interesting for you?

A normal plug SHOULD be fine; I use them on both my washing machine and dryer (it’s gas though) to track when they’re on/off.

If you’re concerned, just look for a sticker/tag on the appliance which should give the max amps and make sure your plug is rated for that.

I have no idea tbh. Probably need to google the model to know :flushed:

Just check your appliance maximum power usage and compare to spec of the plug.
I had a case where Shelly plug was abruptly switching off when microwave owen was connected, due to excessive power consumption. It works fine with coffe machine and cattle, fridge (max power consumption 2500W), but for bigger devices, like washiing machine or dishwasher I’d use something like shelly PM sseries (max power ~3700W), mounted inside the socket.

Rated 16A so 3700W only works out with voltages around 230V. If used with voltage of approx 120V the device is limited to only 2000W.

Very true, I’m used to look at Watts, which is simplification. It is Amps that really counts here!
So this leads to another conclusion; perhaps in case of high power. low voltage devices the only solution it use CT meters, like Shelly EM series. I do not think any plug or module goes above 16A (even Shelly Pro PM lineup).

So basically there is a real chance no smart-plug is going to work? Aside from having no desire to do a buildin option just to monitor usage incase of the washing machine it’s plugged into an outlet that cannot be converted where my solar-panels are also located.

Haven’t found what the max usage is of my devices. Hope to get time for that soon…