Smart pull switch for bathroom?


Is anyone aware of a smart cord pull switch? I would like to replace an existing one that I can also link up to HA to control when the room is empty etc.

I can’t seem to find any, ideas?

I guess I could just use a Zigbee battery-powered wall switch connected to something like a Sonoff mini, but I like to try to keep things capable of working even if the smart home dies!

I also like the look of the energy harvesting switches, but I cant see any receivers that I can also connect to HA.

Or just stick one of these in the swich housing.

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Thanks, but can that work in a toggle mode?

So if the light is off, whatever I do to the switch it goes on?

Would be a nice cheap/easy solution if so.

should do but not owned one so can’t confirm. All other sonoff stuff I have used does though.

Yes, pretty much how it works

I tried today and it seems as if it works only in toggle mode. Haven’t tinkered much but that’s what the default setting is. Came here looking for another use case for this ZBMINIL2

I have just purchased a ZBMINIL2, but it does fit into the ‘Ceiling Pull Cord Switch’, not quite enough room. Im trying to find a larger / deeper Ceiling Pull Cord Switch, or an extender section to tit inbetween. I don’t want to fit it above that (in the ceiling). Any suggestions please?

Did you find a solution to this. I’m looking at doing the same thing myself with the pull cord in the bathroom.


No. I haven’t solved yet. Did think a retractive pull switch and a sonoff zbmini might be the solution.

I have searched, purchased and returned, various cleiling pull cord switches, and they are all too small. T only thing I can think of is to make / modify the ceiling pull cord switch to make it deaper. If I’m sucsessful, I’ll post some pictures.

Samotech makes a smart one - Zigbee pull cord ceiling dimmer switch – SAMOTECH

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These look great - not in stock though