Smart radiator valves without cloud

Hi. I have read some articles to be able to control the radiators with HA. However, it seems that all the solutions I have encountered need to connect to the Cloud. I am not afraid of the cost of the subscription but rather what can happen if the internet connection is not there. Are there any alternatives? Thanks

Have you looked at the Shelly TRV?

Z-wave is an option.
Or a Fritz!Box router with DECT valves.

And ZigBee versions exist also.
I have 10 ZigBee TRVs coming tomorrow I think.
I wouldn’t want something that needs cloud connection for something as crucial as heating.

Thank Hellis8, BebeMischa,crlogic for your replay. Thanks for the suggestions.

Might be a less famous solution. I am very happy with the whole Homematic family. All components are high quality and totally local. The valves offer all important features (e.g. set temperature and valve level reading, battery, …)
The Home Assistant integration is a bit older and does for example not implement the devices concept. That will change with the new version currently under development.

Total coincidence. Apparently a new product was just released. Maybe check that out as well: " AVM FRITZ!DECT 301"

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I am using Zigbee Tuya valves from AliExpress, just make sure zigbee2mqtt is supported.

I also have tested 2-3 of these. Careful with the features though:

  • 1: I was not able to detect and/or switch off an on-valve time program if set by the user
  • 2: the valve did not provide the current valve state (closed, 30%, or similar), which is generally useful to track “consumption”

Smart valves have a lot of functions and and not every device offers those equally well to an outside system like Home Assistant.

Hello ThomDietrich.
thanks for the suggestion. I have visited the site, but there are several similar products. Have you tested any? Which?
Thank you

Hello Stipa. Thanks for the suggestion.