Smart Rotary Dimmer Switch

Hi all,

I have been desperately looking for a module allowing me to retrofit my analogue rotary dimmer switches (WAF). Just before concluding it was either not possible or non existent, I found this product :

Has someone heard of it ? Know something similar ?


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They look nice, not heard of those before. Looking at their website and a quick web search, they do all sorts of other device, UK double sockets, dimmers, bulbs, remotes, inlines etc
Apparently they have official smartthings integration (and the PIR sensor looks just like a smartthings one) so maybe work with deConz etc ?
Can’t find many for actual sale though.

Indeed, it could be of some other’s interest. However, I live in Switzerland and although the voltage is the same as the UK, box sizes, regulation and RF frequencies would have to be investigated on my side. It might be worth contacting the sales. I will keep you posted if I do.

I know its in the UK but not a bad price:

Thanks, it might be worth trying indeed. Although, a new switch would be in this range as well. By the way, I noticed that they have a subsidiary in Paris. I might contact the sales person.


I replaced my dimmers with UK backbone in the Netherlands, and they word great. I would suggest not to use the Zigbee router of Aurora but Samsung Smartthing will do great. They support te brand.

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@Matthijs_van_Schende sorry what do you mean with “UK backbone”? Have you used these particular Aone “smart rotary dimmers” with success?

Thanks @julienzch for the heads up on these… they look brilliant!

… also - if you could tell us whether the rotary dial operates like a potentiometer (ie with a min and max position) as opposed to in the style of a rotary encoder (like the Lutron Aurora for example) that would be appreciated too

Just found this thread. These are fantastic looking devices. I have used Aurora equipment before and its good quality stuff.
Im also interested in the answer to @PickeRick63 question regarding pot vs encoder.
Both have pros and cons when considering ability for control of the dimmer from other sources than just the knob.

I recommend checking out the lutron product Aurora (confusingly named in this instance!) if you haven’t come across it already. There’s another (quite short) thread on here regarding better integration within HA

You mean this:

For me this is not suitable in a couple of ways:

  1. Is for US style switches, but I am in the UK
  2. It dims smart bulbs, but I am looking to control existing non-smart fixtures.

Also the great thing about the Aurora (not lutron) dimmer from OP is that it is a very simple change for my existing non-smart dimmers

Any update on these? Anyone tried yet? Encoder or Pot?

Tempted but quite expensive.

Not yet - also a bit to expensive to be an immediate/no brainer purchase.
I was hoping for some black friday discount but nothing…

a few interesting points about 2-way dimming using the AOne unit here. Anyone got one yet? I’m interested but I’d rather use a Deconz stick than their hub.

Still curious if anyone has got hands on with this?

Reading the instructions the following line; might imply it’s using a pot rather than encoder;
“Turn on the MASTER dimmer fully anti-clockwise. The load may turn off or possibly flicker”
This to me implies it has a limit, and thus a pot.

Little bit late, I mean backbox…the metal box for in the wall.
The Aone dimmers I used are a succes. I connected them with the Samsung Smart Hub, I even made a script for Sonos, now I can adjust Sonos Volume in de living room without using the Sonos App.

I use Samsung Hub, the only it doesn’t support is the hotel switcht. That one only works with the Aurora Hub. But working on a script for Smartthings to fix that. Bit buggy, bit with a few lines of code it will work.

Very happy with the product, works great.

Just received a couple of Aurora AU-A1ZB2WDM units to have a play with.
I can confirm: the knobs are mounted to a rotary encoder, not a pot! Which is great news. Will report back once I’ve learned more.

I’m also interested in these dimmers! Do they fit in a standard UK wall dimmer box? I think they should.

What do you mean by “the knobs are mounted to a rotary encoder, not a pot”?