Smart scale for small weight loads?

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I’m looking to track the current tank capacity of a bedroom humidifier with a small smart scale so that I know when it is close to being empty. I’ve seen projects that do this for larger out-of-sight weights (propane tanks, etc.), but I was wondering if you had any suggestions for smaller loads while in sight (the scale is not ugly).

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Have you looked at hacking the Amazon smart scale?


It is my understanding that regular body weight scales take a measurement and then “sleep” until stepped on again. I would need a scale that takes incremental measurements (every 30 seconds or so).

Do you have a link to the scale and the hack instructions? I haven’t found that one yet.

Thank you for the suggestion!

How about hooking up a film pressure sensor to an esp32?
Something like this
or this:

Hey @Edwin_D,


The pressure membrane looks elegant but has a low weight capacity (max 1kg). I’m guessing my humidifier has a capacity of a gallon which would put it well over weight.

The micro load cell looks more durable and should handle the weight. Would that sensor be in a general kitchen scale like this one? I could then yank the guts and hook it together with an ESP32 module to do constant measurements. Is this what you were referring to, @potts-mike? A link to some similar project instructions would be very helpful if anyone has created them.

Thanks again for your suggestions!!

I just picked a random membrane, I think there are ones for all kinds of loads, but the other one is exactly like what is used in kitchen scales.

Check this guy:

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This is what I was thinking of. I thought I saw on here someone that had replaced the guts with an esp32

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How to do that is here:

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Aw yiss! That’s what I was going for!!

I’ll pick one up and see what I can do with it. (Too bad the scale went from $15 to $20)

Thanks again for being awesome!!