Smart shutter with rotary switch


I have some electrical shutters with rotary switches.
Is it possible to hook a shelly 2pm to this?
Preferably under the hood where the roller shutter is located.

4 electrical cables come from the shutter itself.

Hey ziepoeskenetnie,

Did you manage to figure it out?
I have the exact same set up, and would love to automate it.

Thanks in advance!

No i don’t unfortunately :frowning:

Thanks for super fast reply anyway :slight_smile:

No problem, this thread is now bumped, so maybe someone will answer.

I managed to make it work, even though it’s not too esthetically pleasing.

I bought a cable box from Gamma.


  1. Mounted the cable box in place of the rotary shutter and moved the shutter itself a bit to the side.
  2. The Shelly 2pm went into the box along with one 3pin welding clamp (lasklem) for ground wires and one 5pin clamp for neutral.
  3. Wired everything in the box with 5 cables going to the shutter:
  • 2 black wires from Shelly SW1/SW2 going to top left and top right inputs of the shutter
  • Brown wire Line from Shelly L going to the top middle
  • Blue wire from 5pin clamp going to the bottom right input
  • Ground (green/yellow) wire going to the bottom left input
  1. All 5 wires put into a rubber tube (picked that one up in a local hardware store, no link), so that they’re not exposed. You’d have to do that before connecting the wires.

This was my initial setup:

This one is just for reference, I ended up using thinner wires:

The final ugly result:

If It Looks Stupid, But It Works, It Ain’t Stupid!

Great job, mister!

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As long as the functionality is there, who cares really? I do absolutely get it however. I have severe OCD and man, let me tell you… The plagues I have endured over the years with things like this.

I just wanted to toss my two cents in for what it’s worth:

Did you think about mounting the rotary dial right to the front face of the cable box? I would think that you would have been able to drill holes right through that plate from directly underneath the rotary dial and then all those wires would be hidden when the plastic face was back in-place. The wires would be running right though the backside of it. Just a thought that’s all.

Thanks for the info on the implementation all the same!

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I was thinking the same, should look realy nice.

I think that should be possible with long screws. I’m not sure if the holes for the box and the switch won’t overlap if you put it nicely in the middle. I still have to wire up one more switch in my wife’s office, so I’ll give it a shot and report back.

Finally, got some time to install one in my wife’s office.
I just used two self-tapping screws, making sure they don’t touch any of the wires or shelly. I also made a few holes in the box for the cables to go through.

Looks a lot better.

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