Smart Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm – Battery Operated (2nd Generation)


I have searched for this but cant find any info for the 2nd Gen (non Z-Wave).

It has HomeKit support and I can find it and add it to my Apple Homekit. My HomeKit in HA finds other devices but cant find this device. I bought 3 of them but cant get them into HA.

I run HA on a raspberry Pi with the hassio image.

Anyone that knows more about this and if there is something I am missing.


At least you have HomeKit. I got stuck with one of these things myself. As best I can tell, it’s using Bluetooth to communicate with my Galaxy Note 9 which is running their app. I gave mine a DHCP reservation, which it used, when I set it up. But it hasn’t uttered a single packet since. Again, this is theory, but I’m guessing that in my situation, the app on my phone is what’s checking periodically for firmware updates or anything else.