Smart smoke detector

I would like to replace the existing smoke detectors we have in house with “smart” ones.
The current smoke detectors are AC-wired (!).

I have a Zigbee network covering the entire house (3 floors), so I considered the Xiaomi Zigbee Smoke Detectors, but these are battery operated devices.

Are there any good (and good looking) AC-Wired smart smoke detectors?
If not, is there a way to “wire up” a battery operated device? Maybe with a charger/adapter coming from the 220v wires…?

Thanks in advance!


Have a look at his post, we went through a few options for what you want:

Don’t know where you are, but there are basically a couple of different routes / approaches:

  1. Replacing all your wired detectors with wired + wireless detectors. But your options for smart smoke detectors are rather limited, and can be expensive if you have to replace all your detectors at once. BTW “wiring-up” a battery-powered detectors may or may not meet your local codes.
  2. If your local fire code allows non-ac-wired detectors at all, then you have more options for wireless detectors - wifi or zwave or zigbee or RF.
  3. You could also opt for regular non-smart detectors, and then I know there are zwave/zigbee devices that detects the alarm (by listening for specific alarm patterns / frequencies coming from your regular detectors)
  4. You could also opt for regular non-smart detectors, and in the AC line you wire a “alarm relay module” that would switch your wifi/zwave/zigbee binary detector(s)

So, depends on which country/region you are in, and whether you have any preference.

thanks for the detailed description.

I live in the Netherlands. To my knowledge, there is not “hard requirement” (or related regulations) to have the smoke detectors connected to AC or wired together, though if would keep that as an option so we don’t have to rely on battery only.

As mentioned before, the house already has a Zigbee mesh/network, so I would like to stay on that protocol and not switch/add a different protocol (except WIFI which exists as well).


So what are the candidate smoke detectors you have found available in NL/EU, so far?

Also… which zigbee? My experiences on zigbee aren’t great - they have “families” and also revisions so compatibilities are unfortunately not 100% guaranteed.