Smart Start inclusion requests ignored because "NWI Home ID not found in provisioning list, ignoring request..."?

I’m trying to see if Smart Start is actually easier than running around entering PINs, and so far… not turning out to be. I’m having some trouble with the camera in the app, so instead used a QR code reader to enter the values as text into ZWave To MQTT’s UI (via copy and paste, so I know the number is right). But now I’m seeing

2022-02-09T03:33:58.975Z CNTRLR   Received Smart Start inclusion request
2022-02-09T03:33:58.975Z CNTRLR   NWI Home ID not found in provisioning list, ignoring request...

… what should I do?

When a node broadcasts a SmartStart inclusion request, it includes part of its DSK in the request message. The log message you see means that the DSK advertised does not match any part of a DSK that is in the driver’s node provisioning list. That means it’s an issue with the QR code you added. Either it wasn’t really added (double check it’s still in the list?) or the QR code was not for that device. Also note that if you added the QR code and then excluded the device, the provisioning entry is removed.

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What causes a node to start that broadcast? Is it possible it’s just some device that’s trying and doesn’t know I haven’t listed it yet?

If a node is not included in a network, it will occasionally send a request to be added. That’s the point, really.

Completely obvious in retrospect. :slight_smile:

Now, to figure out what from the info it’s seeing. It’s got a long serial number, and then

2022-02-09T23:54:51.237Z DRIVER « [REQ] [ApplicationUpdateRequest]
                                    type:                  SmartStart_HomeId_Received
                                    remote node ID:        0
                                    NWI home ID:           0xce3305d8
                                    basic device class:    4
                                    generic device class:  16
                                    specific device class: 1
                                    supported CCs:
                                    · Z-Wave Plus Info
                                    · Binary Switch
                                    · Association
                                    · Association Group Information
                                    · Version
                                    · Manufacturer Specific
                                    · Transport Service
                                    · Device Reset Locally
                                    · Powerlevel
                                    · Central Scene
                                    · Security 2
                                    · Supervision
                                    · Configuration
                                    · Scene Actuator Configuration
                                    · Scene Activation
                                    · Application Status
                                    · Firmware Update Meta Data

I can find plenty about Zwave “generic device class”, but… only with constant names — how do I see what “16” is? Presumably that’d narrow it down some at least!

Generic 16 / Specific 1 is a Binary Power Switch, or “On/Off Power Switch”.

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