Smart Switch Push Button Wall Switch Zigbee / Tuya / SONK / ZHA

Hi all,
I have tried and tried and cannot work out how to configure this simple switch within Home Assistant

I purchased a 3 gang zigbee switch that is mains powered and has a neutral wire and always powered on. The switch looks identical to the Yagusmart as well. Pics below.

I use the skyconnect USB dongle to control all my other zigbee devices successfully. The instructions with the switch state that I need to install the Tuya / Smart Life App. But none of these apps work as I don’t have a Tuya hub in my home. Can’t I just use my skyconnect dongle?

I successfully added the switch to zigbee within Home Assistant and it appears as a basic device. But I can’t see the 3 switches and don’t understand how to read a button press or select one fo the 3 buttons

I also want to use ZHA and not MQTT

ANY assistance on how to integrate this into Home Assistant would be awesome.
Thanks you

Go to developer tools → Events

Under listening to enter zha_event en click on start listening.

Now press the buttons on your wall switch.

What do you see ?

Thanks for the reply Francis
I tried this a few weeks ago and just now. Nothing appears:

I pressed all 3 gang switches and nothing was captured.
I feel like I am missing something fundamental and basic here

You need a quirk. Ask for it here:

So I don’t need a Tuya hub or account? It just needs to be configured to work with ZHA?

No, if it is Zigbee, it is possible to make it work with ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT. But the people selling Tuya always want you to buy a Tuya hub too.

Thank you sir
I’ll give it a go