Smart switch suggestions -- help needed

I’m new to home assistant and I have managed to set up a device to control the low voltage transformer for some landscape lights. I am able to turn them on and off and dim them from my phone. What I am looking to do is add a physical switch inside so my family members don’t have to get their phones to adjust the lights. Is there a way I can get a smart switch with extra buttons for dimming and link everything up via home assistant? Any suggestions for the best swich to use? The easier to convert, the better. Standard decora style, single gang. This is my first post here and I’m new to home assistant, so please don’t blast me if the solution was too obvious or already posted elsewhere. Thank you in advance for your help

Hey Nick,

you can use something like the Shelly or Sonoff devices, either a relay that gets wired in or a smart switch, for this you’d need a neutral wire at the switch, which might not be suitable.

If you just need a remote control that looks like a switch, you might want to get a wireless switch, maybe a Zigbee switch (like the Philips hue switches/remotes) or an Enocean Switch (those typically don’t require batteries). You’d then need a way to connect them to Home Assistant, so for example a ConBee Stick for Zigbee or an Enocean Stick.