Smart switches versus Shelly?

I am in the process of setting up my new home and getting up and running with HA. I was initially gonna buy a bunch of smart switches (I have a few already) but now I am learning about the Shelly brand of relays. With that said, I now find myself very curious. Should I simply use Shelly for all my dumb switches? Which are more reliable and easy to use? Which will provide more flexibility as I learn more about HA and coding?


Whatever you do, make sure you get something that can be controlled 100% locally and doesn’t rely on the vendor’s continued support. (Lowe’s Iris and Wink being recent reasons why)

The Shelly products provide this, keep in mind that you will need good WiFi coverage everywhere you plan to install one. Also, keep in mind that adding a bunch of WiFi devices can stress your ‘router’ and it may cause stability issues if its not up to the task.

I am not familiar with the shelly’s capabilities, but something I have been finding useful recently is using the double tap function in tasmota to add additional controls from a single switch. (single tap turns off the connected light, double tap controls a completely independent light or triggers and automation, etc.)

I have been flashing these and find them rather stable and you still have a ‘normal’ looking switch. Price is a bit more than the base model shelly though.

Kuled K36 switch