Smart thermostat for 24V

Is there a smart, HA capable smart wifi thermostat for 24 volts? All i have seen are 240 volts, for electric heating.

My house has central floor heating, and the thernostats (not smart) use 24 volts just for display and controlling of the central heating.

Most thermostats for central HVAC systems are 24VAC. The 240VAC (line power) thermostats are for things like electric baseboard heaters. Both types are readily available.

The more common problem is that older thermostats were basically a switch, with just two wires from the controller. Smart thermostats need power. If you want a smart WiFi thermostat you generally need a wire from the “C” terminal on your heating system, which supplies the 24VAC to run the thermostat.

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Thank you for the response, I currently have digital thermostats with a display, which are pretty new. They have 4 wires going in, so they should be capable.

But I am unable to find any smart thermostats for 24v - all results are for 240V smart thermostat - Buy smart thermostat with free shipping on AliExpress even Xiaomi ones Xiaomi Mijia Smart WiFi Thermostat Temperature Controller for Water Electric Floor Gas Boiler Heating Control MI Home APP|Building Automation| - AliExpress are for 240V…

You don’t mention where you are. I’m in the US, but my understanding was that 24VAC was pretty universal for HVAC systems. All the name brand thermostats; Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell, etc. run on 24VAC.

I have not found AliExpress to be a good source for product information. If the product is a commodity, or a brand that you already know will work, they do have some good deals. But for researching specifications, I’d start elsewhere.

As Tom said you don’t mention where you are. When I click the first link, most of the thermostats that come up are 24v. I’m in the US as well maybe set your country in Aliexpress to USA.

There are a few Tuya thermostats which has an HA integration. Not all Tuya will work though, you’ll have to dig through the forum to see if anyone got a particular model to work.

Otherwise the 3 brands that Tom mentioned are the most common but they all seem to have their hiccups though.

Im in European Union - but HVAC systems are not at all common in our country - we have mostly city central heating in apartment buildings, and wood burning or electric heating in private houses.