Smart Thermostat that Integrates with HASSIO without Google Cloud

Hello. I currently have the Nest Learning Thermostat and I have NOT migrated to the Google Home. I am looking for a replacement that integrates well with HASSIO without having to depend on cloud service to communicate to the smart thermostat, like Nest and Google Home. This replacement needs to be controlled solely by Home Assistant. Is there such a product out there?

Thanks in advance.

I ditched my Nest and went with a Honeywell T6 and have been very happy with it. They have it in both WiFi and Z-Wave, I use Z-Wave personally. I wasn’t too happy migrating from my old native Nest account to Google in the first place and when I did it was constant issues, so out with the cloud dependent spy crap and in with 100% local :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your quick response. So, with Honeywell T6 and WiFi, you HASSIO controls the thermostat without having to authenticate with a Honeywell cloud account??? This would be what I’m looking for! I like my nest with the Nest cloud but I can’t find a way to Integrate it directly into Home Assistant without having to migrate it first to Google Home! So I will have to replace it!


I forgot to mention that I have a VPN service in my home so I can easily connect to HASSIO from anywhere/anytime.

I am using a GoControl GC-TBZ48. It is Z-Wave.

Auto heat/cold
Remote thermometer can be used
Totally local

The thermostat is in the hallway. Before putting this in, the living room was always off and not comfortable. Using a Zigbee thermometer in the living room, I have an automation in HA that sets the ‘current’ temperature for the thermostat.

I also have automations that set the wanted temperature for both day and night.

I cannot confirm that you do not need a cloud account on this but I don’t think so. There are two different versions of Honeywell, one is a cloud version and the other is not and I believe the T6 predates the cloud thing and you can talk to it directly and locally - but do a search on Honeywell WiFi thermostats on this forum and you can read what others have experienced.

@jeffcrum, I am not familiar with Z-Wave. I’d rather stay with WiFi device. Thanks.

Not a problem. We all have our own preferences. Just throwing out what I use in case it helps anyone.