Smart Things shows z-wave sensor as unavailable but HA showing data

Started with Wink then added HA on a Synology NAS via Docker and continued to use Wink as my ‘bridge’ for Zwave and Zigbee. With Wink going subscription, I bought SmartThings hub to see how it compares. It arrived yesterday and I very quickly got the LeakSmart Valve (Zigbee) and Dome leak sensors (Zwave) connected (I had removed them from Wink first).

When I placed them, one furthest away showed as unavailable in the SmartThings app. But Home Assistant is still showing me data when I click on it that appears up to date. Is there anyway to reconcile which is correct? I went into the SmartThings IDE and it shows as offline there as well.

I have a Conbee stick and a Zooz one on order so will likely return ST as I’m not finding much extra integration beyond what HA can do…