Smart Wall Switch

Hello everyone.

I’m interested in installing a smart wall switch to control lights in my lounge, but I need to double-check it’s going to work as I hope.

The situation is I have:

  • A conventional ceiling light which just uses ordinary bulbs (not smart)
  • Various zigbee lamps around the room controlled via HA

I want a wall switch that will turn on / off the conventional ceiling light, and then offer a second switch tied into HA to control the lamps.

Am I right that the Aqara Smart Wall Switch H1 will be able to do that?

Many thanks,

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What a good idea - I hadn’t thought of that.

There’s a comment here about the right switch not working with ZHA, but I don’t know how old that is - it may relate to an old device handler.

If there’s no neutral I don’t think the switch will be a router.

That should work as you hope if the device is compatible. I use Fibaro z-wave in-wall switches all over my house for this purpose. They have the benefit that you can use your existing switches (so they look the same as other switches), but you need a z-wave radio for them.