Smart watches to trigger automations using NFC tags

I’m not sure this is 100% possible, but as we have a wear version of HA, it would be amazing if we could trigger NFC tags via a smart watch instead of having to use our phone to trigger.

NFC is there on the watch(es), but from what I’ve read, there are restrictions around NFC on wearables.
That said, I did read someone’s claim that they’d created a custom app on Android’s WearOS that allowed them to do this. They were asked to share it on GitHub, but then nothing… so I’m not sure if they were being 100% honest.

However it would be amazing if this was available.
If you use them a lot as practical low-maintenance buttons then not having to dig out and unlock your phone every time would be hugely convenient.

At least on Android NFC is limited to payments only.

WearOS is able to communicate with an NFC tap to multiple types of equipment in a gym.
That may be limited to the Samsung fitness app using WearOS atm and mapped to specific gym equipment manufacturers, but it does show that it has the ability to do more than payments.

Apple watch also has the same functionality to NFC with gym equipment as well as payments.

I have NFC stickers on all my doors and garage door. I have to unlock my phone to tap it… at that point I might as well key in the code to open the door. If someone is behind me watching, I can unlock my phone (face recognition) and tap so they won’t see my code… Anyhow, tapping my Wear OS Samsung Smart Watch would be faster and cooler… I hope it is feasible!


This is my exact use case as well with brand new Pixel Watch.

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Same. I recently got a brand name smartwatch pretty much for this, but didn’t realise that I couldn’t use its NFC for HA until after.

For the Apple watch I think the only way would be to use the Wallet app. Passkit allows for IDs, so stuff like hotel door opening is possible, and creating a pass to be added to wallet is not utterly difficult - also there are ways to trigger passes for certain locations (playing around with PassSlot / Pass2U confirms this).

However, there is a trick as Apple needs to provide an NFC signing certificate (bound to developer program), and the passes need to be signed with that, before sent/accepted into Wallet.

Sounds like there’s a way


would be nice if they implemented this!

Apple may be leading the way.
Not with HomeAssistant, but they can use NFC on their wearables for things other than payments and excersize equipment

I think this is the first time I’ve been let down thinking I could do something with HA… like… wow… I just bought a smart watch mainly because it said NFC… ha… yeah, there is an NFC tag in it but that’s it…

I read about the TicWatch that can read NFC tags… but… just shocked… this isn’t already something we have hundreds of posts about as… who wants to take their phone out every time to scan a tag?

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