Smart Water Valve - Zigbee preferred, WiFi if necessary

I’m looking to control a water valve to an outside series of spigots. The valve is in the basement, and WiFi isn’t very good down there, but Zigbee is.

I could sweat in a new valve, or use one of those motorized actuators which just moves the handle on the existing ball valve.

Looking for one which integrates well with native HA (no MQTT, etc.)

Does such a thing exist? Any recommendations for a good one? Thank you!!

I use a Z-wave valve bulldog, they do have a wifi version.
I prefer this type since it is a valve operator and can be installed without any plumbing at all.
I have had mine in use for over a year without issue.
I use mine as a control for a backup water source.

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Thanks! I’ll look into the bulldog. I was hoping to go with Zigbee, since I’ve got nothing else running Z-wave at this time. But if no-one comes through with a good Zigbee solution, I may try it out. My HUSBZB stick does both Zigbee and Z-wave, and it’s locate not too far from the valve I want to control, so I hope it’ll be OK. And I’d learn something.

I have two z-wave shutoff valves. They are both Domes similar to the bulldog. The irrigation shutoff operates 12 times per week and continues to hold up after 2 years. The main water shutoff has survived for 5 years. Homeseer also has a z-wave shutoff valve. I had one shutoff die from stripped die-cast gears. Don’t remember the brand.

Tuya has one for zigbee. The mechanicals look the same as Dome.

Here is a youtube video

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