Smart Water Valve, Zigbee

I bought a Smart Water Valve ( I bought this one because in the review it was told by other buyers that it works with HA.
But after inclusion I don’t have any entities to control it. The only thing I can do is the firmware update. But it is shown as up-to-date.

The device identifies as

by _TZE204_a7sghmms

Does somebody have an advice for me?

I’m using ZHA (Zigbee Home Automation). Other devices are working well (also the ‘China’ ones from Ali).

Thanks a lot in advance

While the GiEX works well with the latest Z2M for using this valve with ZHA you may need a quirk to make it work correctly. Take a look HERE for more information about the latter.

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and → Zigbee Guide: How-to setup local custom device handler quirks in ZHA integration

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