Smart wifi plug

Is there a list of easy to configure wifi smart plugs, there are load on flea bay, but the last thing I want is something that uses a external chinese cloud to function.

Sort of a list of smart plugs that will register on the LAN and be get-atable for easy configuration with HA.
I’m not interested in anything that repsonds to voice commands via an external cloud

I use the TP-Link HS100 units. Not the cheapest (although often on offer on places like Amazon) but they seem to work OK.

Thanks, I’ve notice D-link W115 reasonably priced , but don’t know if they will locally configure

Not sure about the DLink, But the TP-Link ones you configure using the TP-Link Kasa App and just don’t enable the remote access and then as far as I can tell its all local. The app is needed to config the Wifi but after that I don’t use it, I just control them via Home Assistant.

the config in HA is really easy too.

  - platform: tplink

+1 for TP-Link HS100 and 110. They have worked flawlessly for me.


Thanks , I’ve just ordered a TP100
so I can now try my first automation script to get the sunset time an turn it on for 1 hour.
I’ll look through the example scripts for ideas how to do that

I also use the HS105 and got my eye on an HS107 - because of the form factor, i.e. not blocking the 2nd outlet like the HS100 and HS110 often do.
Just keep in mind that the HS110 is the only one with monitoring functionality.

I also block them - just like most other of my ‘smart’ devices - from accessing the internet; I have to unblock them for firmware updates, but apart from that, there are no issues with HA functionality.

Thanks for the info

Itead s20 or s22 with tasmota firmware.

Just saw online that there is a Sonoff S31 now - same form factor as the HS105, but with energy monitoring and quite a bit cheaper. Needs to be flashed with Tasmota, though.
Still, this might be my next purchase.

Anyone flash Tasmota inside TP-link HS100.

Tp-link doesn’t use the correct chipset to flash tasmota but you can use the above to configure and use home assistant to control them with out cloud