Smart wifi sockets phifo

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Not sure if this has been covered or discussed before so apologies if it has or if I have posted this in the wrong area

I bought some of the above plus from amazon because they were compatible with echo dot, and I have then running on an app and through Alexa integration through smart life app (apple) and family cloud

I cannot see the devices from home Assistant, and wondered if anyone can point me to any resources to assist, as I would eventually like to automate their use

I also have a similar problem with some energie mihome light switches that also work from echo dot but do not show in home Assistant

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they look a lot like some of the ones I have. What app comes with them? Have you tried to use the Tuya app and see if they are discovered?

The app for the sockets is the

E family cloud app

The app for the energie mi home light switches in mihome

Once again they are discovered by Alexa and work fine with Alexa and the apps

I just want them working on home Assistant as well


Try the Tuya app, I have a feeling it’ll work :wink:

Is the tuba app called

Do home ?



Official site:


Will give it a go and let you know


absolutely excellent

worked a treat and now have one plug set up

Being cheeky though the process didn’t work for the energie mihome light switches

I pressed the button to get the light blinking and the tuya app would not find them

any assistance you can give me on that one


Sorry I’m not familiar with the energie mihome light switches. You need to find out how to integrate then into ha then you can create an automation to turn the light on

that’s the problem, I am searching an answer for
thanks for the reply anyway

Have you checked this community? A quick search has returned many results, including:

thanks for the reply

I did search but as a newby on here I didn’t do to much searching

I have emailed energie to see if there is any support for home assistant ebing as everything is controlled by a hub

from what I saw you’d need a raspberry pi and the pi-mote to control your energenie switch.
You can then use HA’s built in mqtt broker or add your own (I use mosquitto) to communicate with the raspberry pi

I think the pi remote was for the early versions

the new version has a hub, a lot like the hue hub but without the centre button. an app, that then pairs all switches in

as the hub is constantly connected to the internet we should !! be able to control it like we do the hue bridge

sorry, I have no idea here. Guess run some more searches on the community / google to see what protocol that runs on and then see if you can integrate the protocol directly with HA or via some receiver…

Hi All

For anyone that was interested in the Mi Home switches and accessories

the answer was on here all along so thanks to people who have directed me

the post came from JAMESHORNER in the post below

I now have MI Home switches in Home assistant

Thank you very much to everone who has commented or assisted

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I recommend ditching the energenie hub and using an rflink. I had problems with the hub intermittently crashing and disconnecting. I’ve had no issues whatsoever with the rflink hub. It’s just an arduino mega and rf transceiver.

Hi There
I bough the energie hub as I saw it as a gateway for the full size light switches which do blend in with the surroundings
will see how the hub goes for the time being and if needed take your recommendations