SmartBed Ghostbed Integration

Bought an adjustable GhostBed and love it, except I underestimated the difficulty integrating with Home Assistant.

It is controlled by a Keeson MC122SP

and has an RF-27 remote starting at 2.403GHz …

Looking for some advice on best way to integrate this with HA.

  • Replay seems really hard
  • buy another remote and solder leads to buttons another option - also hard
  • Find a way to connect to multi-port on controller, but I don’t see any accessories to leverage.

Any pointers or advice appreciated!

I cannot tell from the internal pictures of the remote ‘brain’ chip, however from the date code on the circuit board, 2018, I doubt if it is bluetooth. But is there a phone app by any chance? If so and BLE, replay might be possible. From my experience with these proprietary 2.4 GHz remote controls, your options are limited. Your option #2 is probably the best chance of some success IMHO. Get yourself 2 additional remotes, one to hack on and when you have a path, the second for your ‘production’ control device. I’ve only done LED lights this way, but possible if you have some Arduino level electronics experience.

Good hunting! (and sleeping :sleeping: )

My guess is at least one uart and a chip we can get a datasheet for.

Haunted sleep aint cheap! They certainly could have included an esp32 for that kinda :moneybag:

I’m still at ground zero. I found some cleaner pictures here:

Looks like the chip is N51802 QFAAA0 1804YS. Does that help anyone smarter than me?

A N51802, link below, is a chip that support Bluetooth Low Energy. Unfortunately, it also support creating proprietary remotes in this frequency range :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Did you find out if there is a phone app to control the bed?

Yeah - bummer. No phone app. Wondering if it would be easier to find a new controller that is more easily integrated…

It seems others have found success repurposing the chip for use with / Arduino

You’d probably have to trace out the board schematic to get everything working.

So not for the faint of heart… but it should be possible to write new software for the existing bed hardware.

I just got a Sealy EASE4.0 Adjustable base. First thought I had was also “how to add to Home Assistant?”

EASE4.0 is simpler than the Ghostbed only having adjustments for raising the head and foot. Buttons I have are raise/lower head, raise/lower foot, go to “flat” (both head and foot to lowest position), “zero G” (both head and foot go to a preset). The control unit also has an unused multifunction port that I might get creative and connect to something if I figure out the workings (If the boss will let me…)

The Control Unit is from the same manufacturer (Keeson) and labeled MC120PR which appears to be a more limited version of the MC122SP.

A google search revealed this:

Which on page 3 has a “Bluetooth pairing Control Test”. So I do believe it is using bluetooth for the remote…also, if I open the remote I have there is a pairing button.

I found a youtube video on how to pair the base:

Sounds like every time power comes on to the control box it goes into pairing mode for 10 seconds. It may stay in pairing mode if there is no remote to connect to…not sure about that…

So the question is can this be paired with an ESP32? I have limited experience with bluetooth/esp32 unfortunately.

It looks like the MC120PR has full bluetooth capabilities and I may be able to build support in my smartbed-mqtt add-on if someone with one of these controllers can help. If you join my discord there is a #ghostbed channel. The discord link is at the bottom of the readme here: GitHub - richardhopton/smartbed-mqtt
Additionally for those who have the MC122PR, I am in the process of testing an esp-based accessory that will give you full control of your bed locally over wifi even if your bed doesn’t have wifi capability.

Excellent. Will either approach work with the MC122SP?