Smartenergy metering value is "quite" high on BW-SHP13

Hello community!

I discovered that BlitzWolf BW-SHP13 now shows entity smartenergy_metering_summation_delivered in ZHA but its value is not correct. Electrical measurement seem to be ok.
Now it shows in energy page that only today the consumption for that plug is almost 300 kWh when the whole consumption is less than 20 kWh

Any advice how to show and get the correct values?

hi i have the same issue,
the consumpion is not 300 kWh but more likely 3kWh
so the decimal is in the wrong spot,

i gonna try to fill in a isseu

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Any issues now lie in needing to get the correct multiplier/divider factors into zha quirk for TS0121, see:

Some information here in ZHA docs why ZHA device handlers are needed to fix devices quirks: